Dog Behaviour Problems

Sometimes for many different reasons some dogs may need a little more help before they can attend a Group Training Class, others may have behavioural issues that are causing problems for their owners who then become stressed and unable to cope with their pets behaviour or it may be you need help with a smaller problem such as your dog coming back when called or stopping your dog pulling on lead and making ‘walkies’ unpleasant instead of fun for both of you.

Carol has many years’ experience helping dogs and owners to have a better understanding of each other’s needs.

All behaviour sessions are tailored to your dogs individual problem there is no need to worry about forgetting what was said during your Consultation, all sessions are backed up with a written report to help with your training at home, plus telephone back up whenever needed. All sessions use gentle, positive training methods, we want to build confidence rather than destroy it by using harsh training methods such as the use of check(choke) chains or physically pinning your dog to achieve ‘pack leader’ status. All these methods should be avoided as they are outdated and can cause many problems far worse than the original later on in training. The unfortunate thing is they can seem to work initially as a quick fix. Please beware of all these methods. Think of it from the dogs point of view. Is he working to avoid the punishment? Or to gain a reward? What sort of relationship would you like with your dog? Surely not one based on fear!

Your dog does not want to ‘take over’ the household he would much prefer to know his house rules and be rewarded with kindness for getting it right. A dog will always repeat a behaviour that earns a reward.

Some of the problems Carol has helped with include – separation anxiety, barking, lunging on lead, dog- to- dog aggression, anxiety problems, food aggression and helping rescue dogs settle into their new homes.

Let Carol show you how to build a better and happy relationship with your dog.

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