Puppy Socialisation Classes

Puppies begin learning at a very young age; because of this it is essential to teach rules early, when teaching is easiest and most fun, for both owner and puppy. The Puppy Socialisation classes which we provide at Goody4Paws are an excellent way to develop your puppy’s social skills and lay the foundations for a well behaved and socialised dog.

Puppy socialisation is integral to the future behaviour and personality of your four legged friend. Think of your puppy as a blank sheet of paper, how your puppy develops into an adult dog is down to you and what measures you take to socialise your puppy from a young age.

The topics included in our Puppy Socialisation Classes are:

  • Bite Inhibition: All puppies will mouth at some point; this is the process where puppies will “bite” humans in order to gain attention or affection. The bite inhibition aspect of our puppy training classes aims to teach puppies to stop mouthing when told. Many times puppy owners will tell us their puppy never mouths or bites at home, but does in other settings.
  • How to avoid “He does it perfectly at home but not in Class” We motivate the puppies to work in different places confidently with distractions.
  • Off the lead play: As part of our Puppy Socialisation and Puppy Training lessons, we feel that off the lead play and integration with other dogs is essential. This aspect of the training gives puppies a chance to develop their dog communication skills in a safe and friendly environment.
  • Housetraining: This is an essential aspect of any puppies training. At Goody4Paws we provide in-depth and detailed help to puppy owners with house training. Encouraging owners to develop a strategy which works without confusing the puppy. The most successful strategies we have found have been to reward puppies for going in the right place but not to scold accidents.
  •  Take it – leave it.  Are extremely useful commands if you have a puppy that steals and runs off with your belongings? Remember your puppy has no sense of value and dogs are not malicious, if they can chew it they will.
  • Pass the Puppy: this aspect of the Puppy Socialisation classes we offer at Goody4Paws integrates the young puppy with unfamiliar people. With have found this method to be an excellent way of creating positive human interaction for young puppies. We always provide plenty of rewards!
  • SIT-DOWN-STAND: These are the basic commands which are essential for a well socialised dog. It is important for puppies to learn these skills young, as training gets harder with age.
  • Chewing: We provide a format where dog owners can teach their puppies what objects it is acceptable to chew and which objects it is unacceptable to chew.
  • Recall: Is a core command for successful puppy training. We teach both puppy and owner to successfully recall their puppy in a variety of environments with distractions.
  • Good Manners: Encouraging calm behaviour in puppies especially in new and exciting settings and environments. Discouraging your puppy from unwanted jumping up at strangers.
  • Sensible play for you and your puppy: teaching you how to play with your puppy in a safe environment, teaching you methods to stop your puppy from getting overexcited.
  • Wait and stay in one place: training your puppy to stay on command.
  • Loose lead walking
  • Play sessions: puppies play in a variety of settings such as tunnels, cones and ladders to encourage confidence. We have found this method best to help co-ordination development, whilst teaching your puppy to cope with new and exciting encounters and situations.
  • Teach your puppy a trick: We provide training to enable you to teach your puppy desired tricks.