Raw Feeding Raw feeding maximises health, longevity and reduces allergies. The diet is based on raw meaty bones and other healthy ingredients such as offal, fruit and vegetables. Benefits of Raw Feeding Healthy skin and lustrous coat, reduces itchy skin conditions Diarrhoea disappears and stool volume is reduced. Weight is easier to control and maintain Strengthened immune system.

Once food is cooked or processed it no longer contains living enzymes Living enzymes in raw diet restore, repair and maintain good health. We have produced our own Naturally range of complete raw feeding for dogs. Naturally is fresh, unprocessed and uses seasonal fresh ingredients including fresh meat(10% bone) carrots, celery, apples, spinach, garlic powder, and Scottish Salmon oil. In fact everything your dog needs to be healthy Naturally . See our shop page for details of price and varieties.

We stock a variety of raw diet requirements for your dog, details and prices of all products are also available on the shop page. All our own dogs and puppies have been fed on a raw diet for many years now. We have happy healthy dogs with shiny coats, clean teeth, no weight or tummy problems and empty feeding bowls everyday.  We would never feed anything else!   For more information about raw feeding visit www.barfworld.com and www.canine-health-concern.org.uk